Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dishing the Week 10-25-09

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW - there is sun and cooler weather. I'm so glad because the humid weather gives me headaches and makes me cranky.

I AM HEARING - the sound of silence. Peace and calm are abundant.

I AM WEARING - black slacks and a white long sleeved t-shirt. I think this day is going to be warmer then colder as October should be.

I AM THINKING - that I'm pretty darn lucky - blessed - to have a husband who understands when my energy level has gone way way down.

I AM THANKFUL FOR - for the gift of time alone. I know he wishes we were going on this trip west together but he understood my needs before I expressed them. He reads my heart.

I AM CREATING - the pages for the Ali Edwards on line class. I do love these teachers who come in via my inbox!

I AM GOING - to Costco and to speak in Pasadena tonight. I pray for some wisdom, and lacking that, just plain clear speaking.

I AM READING - magazines right now as I want to clear this batch out this week.

I AM HOPING - that neither Jake nor I have the flu. I'm also hoping that the coming week will be easier for the Mesa Reynolds.

FROM THE KITCHEN - the meatloaf winds down and there is a batch of chili-mac for Dick for tonight. Nothing seems that attractive to me except popcorn.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS - has been seeing Jake play water polo. I could not believe how he has filled out and has the broadest shoulders. A lot of swimming power in that boy.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK - visit with Anne, getting painting estimates, haul more to the charity shops, and Take It Easy.

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bluerosephoto said...

I can relate to quite a few of your observations, Maureen. :o)

Hope your energy lever pics up !

I am working on some stuff at home and I have my iPod playing all of my Christmas music to get me in the mood to do some sewing for my grandchildren's Christmas gifts.
If I don't keep at it, it won't get finished in time. :o)

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