Monday, October 12, 2009

Cosy with Tea and a Cozy

I've written about this company DEVOTEA ,in Minnesota, once before, but never got around to getting that one special tea cozy. Now I see that they have the teapots I lusted over in England. They had them at the Tate in London (and in Liverpool)

Day at Tate Modern

and they had them at a gorgeous cafe in Oxford. DH was all set to buy one for me but carrying it back, and then the exchange rate, and did I really need another tea pot??? Well I gave two ordinary teapots away to the charity shops recently so perhaps there's at least space if not a need. And wouldn't my house really look like the Tate if I had those pots??? Dream on Maureen...

I know they pour well, they have a flush strainer inside and they stack. (not that I plan to buy a collection but it would be nice...) As you can tell I'm weakening.

I even saw a cozy that someone is going to get as a gift! I love this company, I really do, and if you are a tea drinker in a climate that has winter, you won't find a better cozy anywhere. Seriously. btw, they also carry cozies for French Presses for those of you who prefer your brew a s coffee!

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bluerosephoto said...

Good morning !
I like coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. I have been collecting teapots and tea cups and saucers for many years. I had so many cups and saucers, I divided the collection and shared them with my daughter and my nieces. I kept most of the tea pots and rotate how I display them. A couple of the teapots were from England and brought over on war ships. They were passed down to me from my father's foster mother.

I like the looks of that teapot...looks like it would keep tea or coffee hot, a long time.

I have an all-stainless steel carafe that I love for coffee, cocoa and tea. After years of breaking the glass-lined carafes, this has been a blessing and is easy to clean.

Have a great week, Maureen !
I am off to make a cup of tea. :o)

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