Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to the Trough

We each had a long day elsewhere, and by the time we each got home it was nearly 4pm. No dinner was simmering away - not even the dreaded cream of mushroom crockpot stews. Both of us had been outside for a period of time and I had finished up my day by shopping at Target. I got Purple stuff! Now I just had to try it all on and make my mind up on what to keep and what to return. He felt he needed a new shower curtain with weights on the bottom.

Ok, back to Target. I return my returns and he got to look through the shower curtains and see that there was nary a one with weights. A discussion of a modification of his bathroom with tile and a glass door followed as I hoped it would. To be continued if I can make the closing arguments.

With a fractured week ahead, I said...Back to the Cheesecake Factory. Caramel Chicken for me.

I am always pleased with what I have and the servers couldn't be nicer. How about this massive serving of meatloaf.

He thinks the servers are all underage (!) but I know what youth looks like.It's just that we no longer have it! It's all a trade off, and I'm content and have lunch leftovers - even half a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. We each had a very good day and a yummy dinner of choice. Tomorrow I cook.

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Cathy said...

Hello Maureen
I haven't seen shower curtains with weights down here for years.
Maybe you could go to a haberdashery/curtain material place and buy some to sew on the outside of new curtains - jazz it up somehow so they were disguised BUT then as you say the other alternative ( new bathroom) might be a beter bet lol
Take care

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