Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why I love blogs or can we get here in time for lunch?

While this is not a food blog per se, food does play a larger than necessary part of our lives. I love to cook, he loves to eat, well ok...we love to eat and there is nothing better on road trips than to find a restaurant that has something at least one of us really, really likes. For me, one of those things is pierogis. I'm talking cheese pierogis smothered with fried onions, slippery and nose tingling. My arteries have learned to cope. I'm not interested in potato pierg1s - at all! but I can do with some filled with sauerkraut. But cheese, farmers' cheese, pierogis...ah that's all the best of my childhood in an edible form.

Fall starts to get me thinking about these goodies, and low and behold as I was catching up on the blogroll, what do I find but a reference to this over at notMartha. Well that woman gets extra points from me for giving me some more places to try in Cleveland. Yes, Cleveland. We're stopping there coming and going on our annual pilgrimage to the Chicago Opera. I need to do a serious clean out of a freezer so I can stock up on the goodies from this place - pierogis in particular. Oh I'm salivating just thinking about it.

7am is early

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