Thursday, September 10, 2009

Verbal Desert

I don't know quite what it is but not many words are coming to me lately, or to put it more clearly I have fewer occasions where I want to say...Let me say this about that. This is so unlike me and the only thing I can attribute it to is that I have a project that requires writing, writing about what I DO think about this and that and then some more this's and that's.

I'm doing Cathy Zielske's ME: the Abridged Version and all that's necessary in the writing is to have 2 or 3 words for each letter of the alphabet and write 175+ words about each one. I get to pick words that have meaning for me, and that has been easy enough to do but now I balk..I mean seriously avoidance balk actually doing the writing. Little Ms ESTJ does not want to look at that other side ...the INFP. Well I'm ok with the P.I can do open ended and like to do so on vacation a lot. Big Picture N? I don't know if I really ever get there much and I'm fine with that one. It's the IF. What do "I" feel about those words. Feel, not think. My gut reaction is to say "I don't know!!" I do strongly suspect that I do know what I feel about some of them and I don't like what I feel. While that's ok, right now part of me just wants to let sleeping dogs lie. (Sleeping cats in my case.)

I paid my money to do this and now here I am petulantly saying...I don't wanna and I don't hafta. I don't feel the need to stamp my foot but I'll happily do most anything else but ...write. And NO, I don't want to pray for willingness. Hell no.

But I will. Really I will - because I know that whatever I'm avoiding is something I must needs knowin'. I have enough experience with that. But I'll just be a bit more of a brat today and do that praying tonight. (And listen you up there, I want close to a 24 hr turnaround time on that willingness, ya hear???)

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Marysol said...

Some people have no trouble at all expressing themselves, and yet :-Þ

In any case, I have never witnessed it in your writing.

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