Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Last night was a great time with my Artist Way peeps where we altered books for an exhibit the Pratt Library is having. We enjoyed ourselves so much that no one, NO ONE, took pictures. That's a real first for our group. We do have a round 2 coming up to complete the books so maybe someone will stop making art to document the process. It certainly is a full moon week.

Today I have a whole week ahead of me - on my own. Despite forgetting my birthday ON the day, my dh had ordered my gift which arrived yesterday.

There is still a bit of fiddling to do to get the cable box and the dvd player in a different location but that'll happen. We aren't sure if we want to make/buy a platform to raise the tv up so that all the crapola can go underneath it. We'll see. I seriously want to do something about the stained glass window in the hallway which is directly opposite that tv wall. It appeals to everyone but me, mostly because it has always interfered with watching a tv in the daytime. Upscale problem, huh? So sometimes I prop a piece of cardboard up against it, and sometimes I just wait till it gets dark.

Maybe the Sebastian has a better idea about dealing with that afternoon sun.

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Just a Plane Ride Away said...

What a nice birthday present! Hope you had a lovely day :-)

PS How did you find your Artist Way group?

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