Saturday, September 19, 2009

Super Saturday

No soup for you! though there is a posole in the fridge for the boy when he gets back home. This Saturday is super, not souper. And what a motherload I found at Bri Lehman's blog. I saw her free textures, wonderful images like these yesterday. Look at this one. I can see so many possibilities here.

Then as I scrolled thru the blog which I hadn't looked at for a while, I drifted off to her Ephemera downloads. If you like this sort of thing, and I DO!

then be sure to check her link to a whole treasure trove of copyright free goodies. Isn't she super? That's Bri Lehman, The Craft Begins. Incidently, she was a Swap-Bot partner many swaps ago. Didn't I luck out?!?!

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