Friday, September 4, 2009

I am Such a Virgo

I love this kinda thing. Cutting and pasting and making neat lines etc...then even better organizing the whole bit!

I'm taking Cathy Zielske's ME: The Abridged Version digital class. Actually, as you can see from the cutouts, it's got both digital and paper.

We have tags for each letter of the alphabet, and while these were to be done in the summer, somehow that slipped past me. I guess my mind was still up with Gloria at Johns Hopkins and with Bekah out in AZ. Those are the sad parts of the summer but this is the happy and fun part that balances those things. I made my tag book cover red, but forgot that when I printed on cream, I now have Cream of Tomato! Well, that fit's least it's still food, right?

This isn't part of Cathy's class but it's still out on the worktable. It's the inside paper from T!m Holtz's ruler. I am lovin' that thing. I have a metal ruler but my blade kept actually slicing into the metal...aaaaack. Almost as bad as tin foil on a filling! T!m's ruler had minimal packaging and was EZ to open AND the paper inside is going to be used on an ATC ...someday. How cool is that? It's cool in my book. So back to slicing up the tags, cause I have to refocus on the Altered Book for tonight's Artist Way group. Is this a good day or what?!?!?!

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Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Nice! I used to be a graphic artist and loved all that precise measuring and cutting. I'm trying to loosen up a little and get messy, but after all those years it's a hard habit to break ;-)

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