Thursday, September 24, 2009

Comfort Food

Yes, it's comfort food time. I can certainly tell when I'm not feeling up to par. I lose my appetite. That is really strange for me. And that time has come. I don't get sick often but the red flag is not being hungry but knowing I need to eat. I try to stick to some protein at these times but sometimes that doesn't work. I then feel nauseous as I did this morning when I had some hard boiled eggs.

The blahs are time for my comfort foods. We all have them. My one dear friend is a mashed potato person. That would feel like serious punishment to me. So what DO I want? No red licorice right now. It's been one day with a staple that always makes me feel good, tunafish, rice and mushroom soup. White and bland. How do you make this, you ask? or maybe you don't ask but it is simple and it is a good comfort dish. One can tuna fish, preferably in oil mixed in a saucepan with one can cream of mushroom soup. NO liquid. Heat and pour over some rice. Nowadays you can even get precooked rice. I saw it the other day in the store! But I usually try to freeze a portion or two of rice ..just in case. Zap it in the micro and Bob's your uncle.

Other dishes for the blahs for me include one even worse. The Chef's ravioli, straight from the can. Cold or rather room temperature. Best eaten sitting down so the telltale signs aren't on the front of whatever I'm wearing.

But today I went all out. Ramen. I even had some fresh shrimp to add something real to the chemicals/noodles combo. I was never a starving student, but I was a harried government worker, and those noodles were always fast. Somehow the seasoning seems blander these days. I ate these while reading about making fresh bread and other goodies late at night. The whole idea made me want to take a nap. So I think I will.

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Cathy said...

Hello Maureen
Not sure I fancy your tuna concoction but the bean soup from the other day sounds inviting
Take care

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