Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shifting Seasons

Yesterday, we never turned the a/c on downstairs. It's changing, slowly but surely and I couldn't be happier. I do love the food bounty of summer but otherwise, it's my least favorite season. These cool mornings are just terrific, and if I could just get myself out of bed in the dark, I'd be fine. But 6am is dark now, and I didn't wake up till 7am. That makes me feel as tho I have lost a good part of the day, which I have! Perhaps a bit more efficient use of my time today will balance it all.

friends' Maine driveway -Stonehenge north

I even noticed last night that when I went out after dinner, the light was more like I 'see' 8pm but it was 7pm. Strange how it happens so gradually but there is one day or one night that it becomes an Aha! moment. I often stop what I've been doing to go and read downstairs at 4pm. I have usually had the outside shade down in the kitchen by midday, but yesterday I saw Sebastian on the couch just basking in the sunlight...preparing for winter?...and so I left it up.

How the seasons of our life shift too. I was looking at some shots of our trip to Vienna in 2006, and despite the gray hair I had then, we both looked so much younger. Was it the cold? the delight we found in that trip? or is the aging process going as fast as it seems. Probably all of the above. But not to really complain I think, as I always say...A day above ground is a good day. Now if I could just deal with the pull of gravity. It isn't the wrinkles, it's that so much of us is heading south. But again, we're still above ground with lots of good things in our lives so let the seasons shift. Let me accept what is as it is and I'll be content.

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