Monday, August 17, 2009

Not My 1st Choice

Ah the joys of a computer... I have had issues with printing color on my Imac since day one but resolved it in a back handed way. I still had my old MacMini so I would put the finished item on a flash, take it to the other computer, and print. Quick, good color and no wasted ink. I have switched printers on my Imac and still no resolution to the issue. But I could print photos, or digital layouts via the Mini. Then I gave the Mini to my seriously ill granddaughter.

Uh oh... no backup system to rely on. DH said why don't you get this resolved, and I finally called Apple. We tried this, we tried that, and finally it was suggested...that I erase the disk and start with a total new install. Ugh. I backed up all my stuff on an EHD that my dear dear husband didn't let me know he had! Goodbye his classical music, hello my files! I also have my TimeMachine backups on My Book and so now I wait to make that call.

Why am I waiting other than not just being thrilled about this? Because FedEx attempted to deliver my dh's MacBookPro to the wrong address!!!! It was to be at our house before 8am today, and when dh called FedEx they said they had made an attempt but no one was home. I'm glad no one WAS home at the wrong address.... We now wait for them to deliver or call if they can't find our house. We have a seriously easy house to find but this is not the first time we have had this experience with FedEx. Did my dh give them his cell phone as he always does? No....for once he gave the home phone.

Mine is bigger!! but his is portable

So I wait, not wanting to tie up the line. 15 more minutes, and I use my cell to call Apple and sit down for the process. I may need pecan pie before I start as there's no chocolate around. I need pecan pie and patience.


Quilter422 said...

ugh. hope it's resolved soon!

Valerie said...

Sure hope all is well by now. Although Pecan pie sounds so yummy-

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