Thursday, August 20, 2009

Corn Moon is a coming

I do love a full moon tho the wispy crescent moons are my absolute favorites. I don't know if I loved that crescent before I lived in the Middle East but seeing that ubiquitous symbol in so many places certainly imprinted it on my psyche. By the 90s, my friends would call and say...Oh I saw a Maureen moon tonight and thought of you. It's not often I see the crescent moon and star in our hazy sky, but when I do I know it's special.

Back to this new moon. Today Jamie Ridler has a post on the casting of our wishes for the Corn Moon. From my experience, all religious and spiritual traditions have the concept of actually naming our hearts desires in some way whether you call it prayer or wishing or casting. I believe it is part of our own process that we must take ownership of our wants, state them in some way, and then release them to the universe, to God, to ... and wait. And accept the answer and the method of achievement.

almost full

It's taken me many moons to understand and appreciate that last part. Answering Einstein's question, I do believe the universe is a friendly place, and that all of our welfares are noted. So when I acknowledge a need, a want, it is important for me to understand that how the answer, the fulfillment will come is not necessarily up to me. I think that is why many of us remember being told "Be careful what you wish for." We don't always recognize the gift because of the packaging.

So I am going to go along with Jamie and start envisioning what I want to manifest for a September Corn Moon dreamboard. “How would I like to shine?” That's an especially nice one for a Virgo with a Leo rising. I really am no shy violet. Think about this for your own life. How do you want to shine and are you willing to participate in making it happen? If so, Go For IT!


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I believe in the power of writing down dreams/goals. Even if you never look at that paper again, somehow it gets etched in the mind. I've had two BIG, truly excellent, life-changing dreams happen because of this. I love the idea of a dream board or vision board too. I am not sure why I've never tried this before--I'm a visual person! Thanks for posting this today, Maureen.

Anke said...

sometimes we put our wishes out there and don't like the answer we get :) I guess it's all about trust that the answer is the right one for us even if we don't like it

Quilter422 said...

i think the key is the acceptance part - still not something i'm good at. but i'm getting there. thanks for sharing, this will make the "little gray matter" work for a while.

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