Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I've been Up To

Well yesterday was 07-08-09 for those of us who use that date format. In fact there was a time in the earlier part of the day that it was 04:05:06 in time and then later last night it was 10:11:12. Did you do something creative? I had a postcard swap to do and made this.

But then I forgot that I'd done it so I made this! which is the one I actually sent to the swap. Helps if you know what you've done but it was fun doing them both.

If you did something, I'd love to see it.

update: For Cathy and others the o4:05:06 is 4:05 and 6 seconds. Very digital time!

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Cathy said...

Hello Maureen
Haven't been crafting - getting things ready for our four day drive to Far North Queensland, leaving Sunday morning. Going to hibernate up in the sunshine for the next 8 weeks :))
I can understand your date - but to me it will mean 7th August 09
but when it come to the time I'm totally confused:(
I thought five minutes past four in the morning but where does the 06 come into it same as eleven minutes past ten in the evening but where did the 12 come from?
You're really going to have to take pity on me and explain that one lol
Take care

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