Sunday, July 26, 2009

Peach Cobbler

There has been a lot of peach cobbler tweeting lately, and suprisingly to me, there has been no mention of the kind of cobbler that I make. I got the recipe from a cookbook given to my by my now-GA friend Stephanie. Her Dr. dad is a prof at Emory and the cookbook came from a fundraiser that the Woman's Club had. If you see this in a used bookstore, I'd suggest buying it. Really.

I am posting the recipe as written in the book, but true to the great tradition of 'messing with the recipe' I change it. I'm surprised I didn't write the changes on the page because long long ago a friend in Bangkok gave me this amazing insight. Sally said, "You can write in your own cookbook. It's YOURS!!" as she saw my horrified look as she modified an Indonesian recipe by writing In the Book! I treasure that page even more now, and Sally Hile wherever you may be... Thank you.

So what do I do to the following? (fwiw, I did make the original version to begin with and damn good it is.) I usually don't add much cinnamon..maybe 1/4 tsp, and I rarely feel like grating the nutmeg. Depends on my mood. What I do add to the milk is 1/2tsp of almond extract. I love the flavor of almond and think it goes quite well with peaches. Makes it a bit frangipane tasting I think.

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There have been summers when I've made this cobbler almost daily in peach season and eaten more than my share and given away less than I could have. Before I was re-married, when I had young male (paying) roommates, I knew that a certain way to win their hearts was to make the whole recipe as an individual cobbler. You know the appetites of ~20yr old males! Bless their young metabolism. But as much as dh and I love it, we sadly know the days of eating this kind of thing daily are over. The scale and our waistlines tell the sad saga. But as soon as peaches come down in price and up in quality this year I'm bakin'!!! There are times when calories be damned. It'll be a salad week for sure and worth it.

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Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I write in my cookbooks too! Usually the date I made something and if we liked it. This peach cobbler sounds divine.

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