Saturday, July 18, 2009

I missed this back in March

For some reason or tother, I haven't had Cathy Zielske's blog on my roll. Silly moi. I have signed up for one of her classes starting in September and so naturally I have finally been reading the blog. I knew I really liked her design style, but only recently have cottened to her humor style. Sometimes ya gotta pay attention. She's sly.

Well, when I saw her Penzeys' post, I was Oh yeah! The woman cooks! Scrolling down, I'm looking and reading and looking and .....bwahahaha. Funny, they don't sell that in the Falls Church store or maybe it's under the counter and you have to ask.

Can you imagine how much fun a live class with her would be? Wet the pants fun I'd think and I hope one will be in my future. One winter come East Cathy. It will be almost balmy for ya! Until then, why not join me in her on line class. I like classmates.

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