Sunday, June 21, 2009

Midsummer barrel fire

Midsummer barrel fire
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Such a gorgeous night here in Annapolis, I hate to waste the long night. However, the week has been a hard one emotionally with my grandson having knee surgery - fortunately no torn ligaments but the removal of some cartilage. He's doing fine as one might expect a 14 yr old to do.

I also had a visit with a friend who had a heart transplant. She is in her 40s and received a heart after being on the list <3 weeks. The operation took place while I was on the cruise, and more than a month later she is still unconscious. Wanting her to wake up but not wanting her to wake up if she's not 'whole' is an emotional see-saw. I know she and her husband have discussed all of this before hand and she is a nurse who worked in the neurological unit at Johns Hopkins.

It's now one of those emotional hallways where one thing has finished, the operation, and the next thing, the final outcome, isn't clear yet. Unresolved issues. aaarrgh. So much of life is being patient with unresolved issues and not trying to force any outcome. I think many know full well how badly a forced outcome often is. I'm trying to be open to whatever happens.

So on this lovely Midsummer night, I wish you fireflies and fairies, but as for me, I think it will be an early night, hopefully with solstice sweet dreams.

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