Saturday, June 20, 2009

It needn't make you fat

I have had such a good time on line since getting home from the latest trip. As always, so much to look at despite no chance of catching up with some sites. I'm finally ok with that since it turns into mental greed.

I've really enjoyed looking at what seems to be an ever increasing # of food blogs. Such tempations as well as inspiring things to cook. I actually found this via a link to a link to a know the way it is...but originally on a site called This is Why You're Fat found via Danny Seo @dannyjseo on Twitter. Got it?? Yes, most of those things are gag-inducing but this one seemed like one I'd like. Yeah, Elvis would too but hey! I present...The Bacone! A cone of cooked bacon (deep fried but why really?) filled with scrambled eggs and topped with a biscuit.

While the instructions call for deep frying, I don't see why the bacon couldn't be cooked in the oven. I also say that since I've never been able to bring myself to buy a deep fryer, mostly because of the oil storage issue and disposal. I had enough of deep frying with my ever present 'chip pan' at the ready during 7 years in England. Is that why Lipotor is part of my diet ya think?

Anyhow, while I might not be making these any time soon, I think you should, and you should invite me over. I would like to try one!

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