Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday Flashback

No not a flashback to the distant past but to about a month ago. First I was packing the clothes to Get In The Car, and today I am packing the suitcases for the reverse trip home.

A rainy, rainy day here in Kiel, and then a day of travel to start sleeping in my own bed, and cooking my own meals, and getting back to real life. Actually this life seems very real us right now, and being taken care of is very very nice.

As everyone on ship is trying to use their last internet minutes, I can't get any photos uploaded for you to show the tantalizing dessert extravaganza we had last night. But another day when we get off this 'dam ship' as all the Holland America ships call themselves.

See you from home!

1 comment:

Cathy said...

Hello Maureen
Safe trip home - looking forward to hearing more about 'the life on the ocean wave'
Take care

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