Monday, May 11, 2009

I had a play day

I decided I wanted to play with pictures yesterday and after tagging a zillion photos (I still have over 2k without any tag...) I got into PLAY mode with some free elements from Designer Digitals that come in their Challenges. I had a lot of fun and seem to be getting comfortable with PE6.

After very nice phone calls from my two sons, we decided to make it an easy dinner and ate at the new Whole Foods. Dick is good at many, many things but cooking for me is not one of them. Our dinner was quick, fun and delicious. Dick did point out that my dinner was about 24cents more than his, but I have a tomato salad saved for today! Lots and LOTS of choices for two at under $9. each. I think this may be a weekly place to eat and I look forward to their classes, something I'm sorry the nearby Sur La Table isn't doing. Oh abundance of riches, still.

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