Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashback Friday

While this says 1955, it was obviously taken at Christmas 1954. Remember having to wait till the roll was finished to have the pictures printed?? I really wanted this outfit with the turquoise felt skirt which was one of my occasional store-boughts. Mostly my mother and grandmother made my clothes which didn't always thrill me. In the end, I really didn't like the poodle set as it made me realize I was still so flat chested at 10 while a lot of my classmates were starting to get figures. Of course, they were just as self-conscious but from the other side.

Noting the bruise on my right leg, I suspect this was also near the end of my interest in riding a bike! I had a few good shin bangers and even more leg burns as I occasionally fell off and skidded on gravel.

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