Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We stil Eat

Not necessarily the greatest meals or photographs but just some of the daily food round here. We seem to go through phases when only one of us is home at night for dinner, and while we have tried at times to have our main meal at midday that doesn't work out either. DH usually has work to do or a teleconference call or I'm just getting back in from tutoring. We also prefer our midday meal at different times. I like 1pm and he likes noon. But what we've 'et'

A very good breakfast of mine

This one is now a mystery meal. It wasn't mac and cheese but neither dh nor I can recall what it was other than good. :)

Some southwest pork chops.

A halibut curry for Good Friday. Lots of browned veggies in this one too and dh was very happy with his leftovers.
I have a very nice beef goulash ready for tomorrow and it looks like we'll both be home AND available to watch a movie. However I think dh will pass on "Rendition" so it will be me and popcorn which isn't too shabby either. Do you have a good rental movie to recommend? I'm open to suggestions.


edward and lilly said...

Mmmm, Yum!! Think I'm almost ready for lunch now :)

Marysol said...

Hey M, good to see you're cooking again!
Everything looks delicious, but your breakfast, especially, made my wittle heart qwiver.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter my friend!

Anonymous said...

mmmm goulash! That's what I Had for lunch yesterday! All of those dishes look delicious.

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