Sunday, April 5, 2009

One More Movie one more in before dh returned from his week away. (Sadly he had enough rain and wind to make some of the days a wash for biking.) The man isn't much of a movie watcher but this one is going to be rented again so he can see it.

I am my father's daughter in jumping ahead in the storyline with movies and I did with this one. No, I had not read previews etc but thinking of a Will Smith movie kind of helped. It didn't matter. I loved, loved, loved it and suggest you go to Redbox and plunk your dollar down.


three buttons said...

Ooh, sounds good!! Thank you for the movie suggestion : )

Angela xx

El Judith said...

To heck with Ebert and Roper, I'm following MMR straight to the Red Box.
BTW check out The Tudors on TV. Most excellent.

AnastasiaC said...

oh yes! ive heard this is a great movie...and Will Smith is lovely isnt he??
one to add to the 'to watch' list!

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