Monday, April 20, 2009

Learn and Make

Ginny of SmallStudio asked where my creations were from the collage class with Claudine Hellmuth. Well one or two are shown in the photo taken at the class. These are obviously in process. As the day wore on, I had bits of ink and gel on my hands despite a lot of washing and didn't want to handle the Iphone any more as I worked. A lot of the transfer bits weren't dry by the time I left, so they are still undone. Hopefully today they'll be uncovered.

09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery

I made two tags, which was a nice size to work with but I wouldn't bother to make tags again as I don't use them. One is for dh's birthday tomorrow so don't TELL. I liked this gesso technique. Cover with a thick layer of gesso, make it rough looking and scratch out a message. When it's dry, cover with a wash of color, and then wipe the color off to show the scratched bits. The green was the cover, and then I added bits of purple for 'the king's birthday'. It's subtle...

Here is that yellow tag from the first picture and two other bits. I like that 'contact paper' transfer but funnily enough Claudine said that Contact brand doesn't work as they have changed the formula. Hint...Target has their own brand which does work!

I may go back to that brown one on the right and do more with it or just leave it as an example of technique. I don't care for it but that's ok. I'm anxious to see the two white gel transfers uncovered. They are surely dry by now! They we'll see where that one goes.

As you see I am truly in collage kindergarten but I'm having fun, and that's the whole point for me. I now see how some things work and what I would do differently and how some technique appeals to me and others don't. I think for artwork, I can modify the saying I try to live The joy is in the journey. to The joy is in the process. Works for me!

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