Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Best Laid Plans..

So much for the great day with my Artist Way peeps. The cat had done his regular barfing during the night AND in the a.m., and I woke up with an upset stomach. Fortunately, mine was just pain which I attribute to too much falafel the previous night. By mid morning I felt ok, and with the increasingly hot weather we were getting, it was a day to work in the garden. Do some planting, come in for some water, do some weeding, come in for some water. Repeat repeat repeat. I used to like gardening as recently as my 40s but then it suddenly became work, not joy. I don't know if I could live in a condo or aparment - easily - but lately it has just been a case of keeping the jungle under control.

I would be happy to grow vegetables but the trees I planted for house shade work all too well, and we have almost no sun in the backyard except for the deck. Yes, containers but they seem to dry up and out when we go on vacations. Are there drought resistant vegetables?

Well, my movie is still to watch, and my right hand has computer mouse finger as well as weed yanking aches in my wrist and shoulder. Sounds like a hot shower, some Aleve and an early night. I bet I don't toss and turn! Not what I planned for the day, but not a bad day in the end.

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Karin said...

LOL, yeah. I can relate. I would LOVE a garden and sometimes can achieve something but with moving around it's hard to be consistent.

A barfing cat in the night? Sounds like great fun!! :-)

Oh, I just saw your 'get in the car' blog for the first time. Great stuff!

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