Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Creative Space

Class starts a bit later today so here I am getting a chance to share My Creative Space(s) and the duality of most of our lives ...

When I am in class today, I will be studying this...and I'm glad to be in this JinShinJyutsu class and get a good refresher with yet another teacher. Each one presents the same material from his/her own perspective which adds another facet to the knowledge.

But... where I'd also like to be is doing both of these things. So many good choices! And I'm ever so glad Adobe finally got the MAC version of PE6. I am really enjoying learning this one.

Kirsty has the list of players over here. So go check it out - there are loads of players to inspire you.

Transfer Technique

This is a long overdue answer to how my gel transfer images turned out. I was using ink jet copies, which I knew wouldn't work as well as inkjet, but hey...use what you have and see. DH has an inkjet so I got him to make some copies for me for another time.

You see Flopsy and Mopsy in two photos. If I had rubbed more, I would have rubbed us away. I think...and better collage-artists than I please chime in...I think there is a line between no longer wet-wet, and bone hard dry? Am I correct in thinking that one should wet/rewet and rub the paper off somewhere in the middle ground?

These are now put aside to use some later day or maybe not. Time will tell. But I get the gist of the process which was the point.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going to 'School'

JSJ session

I will be a a 5 day JinShinJyutsu class this week, so probably no new posts. But feel free to comment and tell me something exciting on YOUR blog. I'd love to hear from

Just A Minute

Wrapping up April even tho there are some days left. I will be busily engaged this last week so this is coming a bit early.

WATCHED: Changeling, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Doubt, Rendition, The Tale of Despereaux, My Brilliant Career

READ: Collage Discovery, Road to Nab End, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes, While I Was Gone, Somewhere Towards the End: A Memoir, Broccoli and Other Tales of Food and Love, Will You Take Me as I Am

PLAYED: with my Artist Way peeps and in a collage class with Claudine Hellmuth AND with my new Photoshop Elements 6 (Mac)

CELEBRATED: Easter with local son and his family, and later dh's 70th birthday.

LOCKED IN: a lower mortgage rate from our already low one, and felt very blessed to be able to do this amidst troubling economic times

WONDERED: what the rest of the year will bring, feeling a change ahead as dh considers options

PREPARED: for a wonderful cruise to come with the usual wonder of how many climate changes will we have???

PRACTICED: JinShinJyutsu with a 5-day class taught by Muriel Carlton starting...Today!

I'd love to hear about your month...was it filled with things that give you joy? If it wasn't, a sorrow shared is halved you know. This meme was started by August Street so you may want to go check her list of players too.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Best Laid Plans..

So much for the great day with my Artist Way peeps. The cat had done his regular barfing during the night AND in the a.m., and I woke up with an upset stomach. Fortunately, mine was just pain which I attribute to too much falafel the previous night. By mid morning I felt ok, and with the increasingly hot weather we were getting, it was a day to work in the garden. Do some planting, come in for some water, do some weeding, come in for some water. Repeat repeat repeat. I used to like gardening as recently as my 40s but then it suddenly became work, not joy. I don't know if I could live in a condo or aparment - easily - but lately it has just been a case of keeping the jungle under control.

I would be happy to grow vegetables but the trees I planted for house shade work all too well, and we have almost no sun in the backyard except for the deck. Yes, containers but they seem to dry up and out when we go on vacations. Are there drought resistant vegetables?

Well, my movie is still to watch, and my right hand has computer mouse finger as well as weed yanking aches in my wrist and shoulder. Sounds like a hot shower, some Aleve and an early night. I bet I don't toss and turn! Not what I planned for the day, but not a bad day in the end.

Friday, April 24, 2009

This Weekend

People are doing all sorts of things, some serious, some that make you Gulp in thinking of the potential, and some sharing beauty and fun. TGIF - Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration, Friday
  • On the other side of the world from me, someone is reviewing all those voices that linger in our head, telling us we're not enough. Thanks TinnieGirl! This fits right in with Brene's post at Ordinary Courage. I'm reading along with her and it certainly helps with compassion- for ourselves and others.
  • In California, Once in a Blue Moon shares the beauty of her fabulous garden. Jain is also a breathtaking cook.
  • Why do we blog and/or scrapbook? Ali gives her answers. I think a lot of them fit a lot of us.
  • I saw this link over on Ginny's Small Studio and if you want to spend half a day looking at house ideas, then the Hooked on Houses Friday post already has 55 in MrLinky. I don't dare go there right now.
  • And finally for your weekend pleasure or dismay, depending on how you view gardening,you can check Margaret's Now or Never Late April tasks. Oh I know that feeling. Maybe I'd better read it AND take action.

    Chocolate makes you beautiful

    But tomorrow for me is a studio day with my Artist Way peeps. I don't know what I'm gonna take to work on, so I had better get going with my housecleaning and ...ugh...gardening. At least the laundry is on the line, the new sheets are going on the bed, and I have both food to eat and a movie to watch tonight. When the dh is away it's movie time for me! What are your plans? Hope they include some fun thing for just you.

Flashback Friday

Ft. Lewis, Washington June 1944

My father was a SGT. in the US Army and stationed out in Washington state, far far from his home in the coal mining regions of Pennsylvania. He really spoke of Washington with fondness and wanted to move out there after the war. I don't recall the conversations but my mother wanted nothing to do with that idea as far as I know, and neither of them ever went out there for even a visit. It's funny now that so so many years later I have a son living in Seattle, and dh has family in Washington state also. Life comes full circle.

my father aged 24

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good day, Sunny Day

It's half past four and it's still beautiful and sunny out. What a great day. The morning was spent tutoring in the detention center and it was the 2nd time I had two students. Boy is that a learning experience for me but it's worked out so far. My one student is a much better reader and when I was working with the newer student I was able to give my original one a reader to read. That was just perfect and while I expected him to read just the first story, he just went ahead and read the whole book. I think for the most part he can grasp the whole story even tho he might make a mistake on a couple of words. We all do that I think, and just skip over a word we might not really be sure of.

Student #1 finished the first reading book and tested out into book #2. While his original evaluation placed him on this very basic level but I know it really didn't please him. That's a hard thing to work with for me, when the student feels he knows more than he does. If they get bored, then not a lot happens, but if they are having too much of a struggle then they just don't want to come to these sessions.

I give these men a lot of credit because they get no 'time off' credit for these tutoring sessions. Once they get to GED or HS courses, time spent in those classes does count for time off their sentence. This is also a detention center, not a jail so the men are transient for the most part. Some however are 'frequent flyers', meaning that this time in the detention center is not their first. :-(

But on days like this I always count my blessings. The class ends and I leave and have a chance to be outside and experience this gorgeous sunny day. It's a good reminder to me about the consequences of choices.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shameless Lift

CHARLIE BROWN: Sometimes I lie awake at night and ask myself,
"Where have I gone wrong?"

Then a voice says to me,
"This is going to take more than one night."

Mary Ann had this quote on her inspiration corner today. Check that post and tell me you wouldn't want to hang out with her and her sister!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Learn and Make

Ginny of SmallStudio asked where my creations were from the collage class with Claudine Hellmuth. Well one or two are shown in the photo taken at the class. These are obviously in process. As the day wore on, I had bits of ink and gel on my hands despite a lot of washing and didn't want to handle the Iphone any more as I worked. A lot of the transfer bits weren't dry by the time I left, so they are still undone. Hopefully today they'll be uncovered.

09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery

I made two tags, which was a nice size to work with but I wouldn't bother to make tags again as I don't use them. One is for dh's birthday tomorrow so don't TELL. I liked this gesso technique. Cover with a thick layer of gesso, make it rough looking and scratch out a message. When it's dry, cover with a wash of color, and then wipe the color off to show the scratched bits. The green was the cover, and then I added bits of purple for 'the king's birthday'. It's subtle...

Here is that yellow tag from the first picture and two other bits. I like that 'contact paper' transfer but funnily enough Claudine said that Contact brand doesn't work as they have changed the formula. Hint...Target has their own brand which does work!

I may go back to that brown one on the right and do more with it or just leave it as an example of technique. I don't care for it but that's ok. I'm anxious to see the two white gel transfers uncovered. They are surely dry by now! They we'll see where that one goes.

As you see I am truly in collage kindergarten but I'm having fun, and that's the whole point for me. I now see how some things work and what I would do differently and how some technique appeals to me and others don't. I think for artwork, I can modify the saying I try to live The joy is in the journey. to The joy is in the process. Works for me!

Tis the Season

No no...not Christmas in April but tis the season for Asparagus ! Now, we have had a lot of asparagus recently including this one yesterday. Easter dinner redeux...a ham and asparagus fritatta, with some 7 grain bread to make it slightly more solid. Dear dil gave us some ham to take home last Sunday and now it's gone. A yummy lunch it was, and pretty too on a day that started off sunny and then went to haze. Lots of asparagus lately but I'm not jaded yet.

Easter redeux

If you want some other asparagus recipes, here's two I'm ready to try - aparagus pesto with pasta and asparagus stir fry both originally from Heidi at 101 Cookbooks.

btw, if you like the frame on that photo it's free from Rita over at her CoffeeShop.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sticky Hands On Fun

Yes, I did have fun! I took a class I have wanted to take for some time but couldn't quite find the time or be in the right place. Claudine Hellmuth, now a 'neighbor' in DC, taught her classic "Collage Discovery" at The Queens Ink in Savage MD. Now The Queens Ink is a place dh and I stumbled upon one day last year, two years ago? when I said I hadn't been to Savage Mills in a zillion years. "The Queen" has it all and has wonderful classes with many well known visiting artists. It always seemed that we would be away when one I had looked forward to was scheduled. Finally got this one on MY calendar!

09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery
Claudine, in case you don't recognize her, is the blue eyed blond on the right - probably the only long haired person who didn't get paint or gel in her hair!

09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery

09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery

Claudine did a few of the basic resist techniques for us, we took notes, and then we went back to our own places and played! Funny how so many of us were so eager to play we didn't read our notes again, and learned over and over to go with the flow and get over it." gel on the paper before you add the masking tape!" Play and learn.
09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery

09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery

Can't get to a class? Well try Claudine's first book Collage Discovery Workshop. She has a few other books and some videos out besides, and a new book in the wings due shortly.

09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery

I went home with paint on my fingernails and a few items I had made, and a lot of good memories of fun, a great teacher and lots of companionship. I wish I could do this every month! At least there is an Artist Way studio day next Saturday.

09 Claudine Hellmuth Collage Discovery
Do you have a 'play-group' for your creative endeavors? Don't you NEED one???

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lost and Found

Not the food...but the pictures. I had a devil of a time getting them off my phone, but with a lot of resets, eh voila!

I think we need to make this an annual April Sunday event - the Stone Ridge book sale and lunch at Jaleo. Two things dh and I totally agree on, and that in itself is just amazing!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday

This is a shot taken by my mother in April 1978 and I will guess it was in Hawaii or the Caribbean. I wasn't there and she is no longer a beach in 1978 it will have to remain.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We stil Eat

Not necessarily the greatest meals or photographs but just some of the daily food round here. We seem to go through phases when only one of us is home at night for dinner, and while we have tried at times to have our main meal at midday that doesn't work out either. DH usually has work to do or a teleconference call or I'm just getting back in from tutoring. We also prefer our midday meal at different times. I like 1pm and he likes noon. But what we've 'et'

A very good breakfast of mine

This one is now a mystery meal. It wasn't mac and cheese but neither dh nor I can recall what it was other than good. :)

Some southwest pork chops.

A halibut curry for Good Friday. Lots of browned veggies in this one too and dh was very happy with his leftovers.
I have a very nice beef goulash ready for tomorrow and it looks like we'll both be home AND available to watch a movie. However I think dh will pass on "Rendition" so it will be me and popcorn which isn't too shabby either. Do you have a good rental movie to recommend? I'm open to suggestions.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new to Easter routine

The tiny one doesn't belong to me but she was just catching on to what an Easter egg hunt meant. So sweet... Don't you just love those tights?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Deviled Eggs

Easter Deviled Eggs
Originally uploaded by redazadi

This is something I didn't make this year. Just lazy I guess but thank goodness my dear daughter in law made 'ordinary' deviled eggs for her Easter dinner. I didn't count how many dh ate, but I know he hearts deviled eggs.

We had lasagna in addition to a ham. Do I have a great daughter in law or what??

The World's Shortest Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl 'Will you marry me?'

The girl said, 'NO!'

And the guy lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and went fishing and hunting and played golf a lot and drank beer and scotch and left the toilet seat up and farted whenever he wanted.

The End

This was shamelessly lifted from Cathy's Capers so go pay her a visit and see about life in the foothills of the Dandenongs in Australia.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday

When I decided to go back to school to complete my BA, I had a psych class with these women. We really formed a bond with our teacher Barry, and he was very encouraging to us as 'non-traditional' students.

Dinner with Barry

How about those hairdos and clothes...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Self Portrait Tag

I saw this one over at Denise's Write My Life and thought...why not?

Photo taken with my IMac.

The "rules"of this tag are :

  • Take a picture of your self right now, no primping or preparing. Just snap a picture.
  • Load onto your blog.
  • Tag 3 people to play…remember if you are tagged on another blog we will all be heading to yours to see if you played along.
So who shall I tag? Ok that blogging newbie FionnsWorld, then two Australians Nikkishell and Taccolina. Now to run off and notify them.

Words and Pictures

Cold feet. That's the theme this week. I knew what I wanted as soon as I read it.

It sure seemed like it was time for sandals weather but it was really socks to bed weather. Still. I'm getting tired of this you know...

If you want to see and/or hear about cold feet? MeetMeAtMikes has the list.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

One More Movie one more in before dh returned from his week away. (Sadly he had enough rain and wind to make some of the days a wash for biking.) The man isn't much of a movie watcher but this one is going to be rented again so he can see it.

I am my father's daughter in jumping ahead in the storyline with movies and I did with this one. No, I had not read previews etc but thinking of a Will Smith movie kind of helped. It didn't matter. I loved, loved, loved it and suggest you go to Redbox and plunk your dollar down.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just A Minute

Just a minute to remember March. A minute or two to look back and reflect...all thanks to August Street for this meme.

  • Exhaling -because it was so good to be back home again after a long but good trip.
  • Wondering - if it would take a month to get the house back to a relatively clean state. It did.
  • Enjoying - the slow and steady arrival of spring flowers without the often accompaniment of hot and humid weather. March stayed cool enough to feel like it was spring without rushing into summer.
  • Reading - lots of books that were left before our trip and finding new ones at the bookbuying trip to Charlottesville. What struck me as I looked back on March's reading list was that there were 3 books about strong friendships between women during a time of life crisis. Best written was Australian Helen Garner's The Spare Room. Really well written and no holds barred in realistically discussing the dying process. Anita Diamant's Good Harbor , by contrast, examined the struggles in learning to recenter one's life after a period of upheaval. I liked watching the friendship develop between the two women. Sadly, the third novel eludes me right now since it didn't make it to my Good Reads list.
  • Watching - more movies than usual. Slumdog Millionair, Milk, Body of Lies, American Gangster, Rachel Getting Married, Broken English, The Good Shepherd & Mamma Mia. At two movies a week, that is a huge amount for me. (No wonder the cleaning has gone slowly.)
  • Enduring - the seemingly endless time it takes to post-vacation 'process' the digital pictures. Without either the net connection or the digital software on a trip, this is getting to be too much of a slog for me. Sharing dh's laptop in the odd time he isn't using it for $$paying work on a trip leads me to see a laptop in my future. Maybe. I wonder about lugging just one more thing while we travel.
  • Noticing - the things that don't fit in my life so much anymore. This is one of the better aspects of travel for me. I come home, and my old routines aren't set and I get a clearer picture of the parts that I want back and the parts that seem to have lost their importance. I think this is also a part of the seasonal spring awakening. btw, I love that term for the full moon in March - Full Worm Moon. I'm ready to wriggle into the new season. How about you?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Food Day

Hunger hurts. If you didn't go to bed hungry last night, then please, please think about donating to your local food bank, or thru Feeding America's donation form . Not just today either. Please.

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