Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Words and Pictures

Pip's theme this week is...a long drive. Some drives are short but seem incredibly long and others are long but the company makes them breeze by. I had always wanted to go to the Rolling Thunder parade on Memorial Day. DH and I had seen a bit of it in our earliest days together, but it was only by accident as we had been on the Mall seeing some exhibit. I wanted more.

I wanted a whole day with nothing else. I watched the parade for a couple of hours by myself and then walked to the Wall. It was typical late May weather, hot and humid, and I really needed more water than I brought. I've often wondered about the people I saw that day, so many of them in silence, remembering, wondering, still grieving - for him, for her, for us.

The Vietnam Wall

It's been a long long drive from that war to this one and then again sadly, it seems like such a short time.

If youwant to see and/or hear about long drives? Here they are.

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