Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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This weeks theme is Little Things.

original by me_on_flickr

Right now little things are the things that are wearing me down. The calls to OPM, the calls to IRA holders, the calls to this and the calls to that. All little details of life that you have to stay on top of but seem to be the little niggly bits that are so tiring. I have to remind myself that a lot of these little things are truly upscale details and in reality, none of them are hard, just consistent.

I also find that it's tiring when the little things take so many attempts to resolve. I liked it when I was working and someone called, left a vm, I called them back, left a vm and the matter was settled. This last resolution of a government issue for me took 5 or 6 calls till I got my call back.

When I am home all the time, the little things don't get backed up as much. I can cope with an hour or two each morning to make the calls, dust the floors, wash the clothes and sometimes get a few out of the house errands done. Frequent vacations really take their toll in dealing with the dailyness of life. (I know, I know...your heart bleeds for me!) Somehow, the house seems to get as dirty when we're gone as it does when we're home. Unfortunately, I know the answer to that one. An old cat who doesn't groom, sheds like crazy, and barfs a lot. Ah what's a 'mother' to do!

I once had a dream where all my 'little thing' issues were just a bunch of tiny fleas. Itchy pests, but really not a Major Issue. I think most of us can handle the big deals when they come, even tho they knock us for a loop when they happen. I know I can, but darn those Little Things. They wear my soul out. How about you? Do you have times when it's just a boatload of pesky Little Things?

For more takes on Little Things, head over to Meet Me At Mike's and see who else is playing this week. I suspect more of the people had positive thoughts but then you never do know, do you?


Kirsty said...

It's true isn't it...all those little things can mount up to be a big thing after all.

jaboopee said...

shakespeare said "nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so"

thanks for alerting me re my posting on this
all the best

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