Thursday, March 19, 2009

Words and Pictures

This week (and yes, you did see a another W&P on Tuesday...I was late to the party!) the theme of Words and Pictures is Cozy. Mmmmmm...

For me cozy is

  • down comforters - duvets - feather ticks as the one I had as a child was called. It was filled with goose feathers that my Nana plucked from geese she raised. Eventually it was filled with only goose quills and became history since no one kept geese in the yard in the new Maryland suburbs.
  • the lifestyle our Siamese cat embraces. He always looks cozy and at peace. Well almost always.

Mmmmm....a new cushion cover
  • a full pot of tea with that first cup just poured, steam coming up and Ahhhh.
  • fuzzy fleece trousers/pants with thick soft socks
  • and yes, cozy is flannel sheets which I think are going to be replaced by percale next week. I'm afraid this is just about the time to ...shift into spring.
I wonder what cozy will mean to me as the days get warmer? How about you? What does cozy bring to your mind?

Now, do you want to read more thoughts about Cozy? Well jump right over here and check out the list of players who tell your their story.


El Judith said...

Reading books in bed, hot cuppa tea anytime, Fionn on my lap, bird watching in summer on the deck in the early am. aaaahh. Pls check out Fionn's World at blogspot.!!! Yup I did it.

Tanya said...

I absolutely LOVE your "About Me" description on your blog!!! I've never thought about life that way! Thank You!

Cloudbusting said...

all of the things mentioned are very cosy to me, especially the first cup of tea. Love your cat too!

Tinniegirl said...

I agree with you. Cats embody 'cosy'. Winter and autumn embody cosy too. Not so much Spring and Summer. They are for different emotions.

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