Sunday, March 29, 2009

Up in the Air but not on a Plane

What is it they say about making plans makes God laugh? So much changed this weekend from what we planned, then revised, then planned again. One trip had been planned, then that was changed to another trip. The hotel was booked, the boarding passes printed, and the plans made to meet a friend were confirmed.

Then our old cat Sebastian really seemed to be really We thought it might be "magic needle" time as we certainly didn't want him kept alive longer just for our sakes. A quick trip to the vet, bloodwork and tests, and signing a dnr form (do not resuscitate).

We still planned to get on that plane (probably) but overnight we came to the decision that this was not the 'next indicated thing' to do. Our friend in CA always uses that phrase as guidance when you aren't sure of what to do next. "Just do the next indicated thing." Terry says. Works for us. A quick early am call to Louisiana let our friend know she would have to eat for us at Sunday brunch at Brennan's'. sigh

When we called for the test results, it turned out to be a treatable issue...this time. Hyperthyroidism. The hardest part is cracking those wee pills into quarters. Ok, so we stay home. Well, sort of...DH decided he DID want to go on the original trip, and I was glad to stay home and do a petwatch to make sure the meds were working. We each get some time alone and sometimes that's the best thing for this marriage. But you know what? I bet dh is planning something even as he's off riding his bike!


Tinniegirl said...

Glad to hear Sebastian is OK.

I love that expression - the next indicated thing. It's such a great way to approach things. I often tell myself when I don't know what to do next, it means I should do nothing until I know what to do next. Along the same kind of lines.

As for time alone. It's sometimes just the very thing.

El Judith said...

Great philosophy...don't do anything until you know what to do next.
I have a pill cutter for just the same meds if you want it.
I love that dear old boy.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I am sorry to hear about your cat! It is so worrisome when our friends get sick.

I second a pill cutter, btw. It works great and you can do a whole bunch in advance.

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