Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still not In Synch

Was this just over a week ago? That seems so strange now, especially with the early change of Daylight Savings. I felt like I was getting back onto a US clock when the snow hit and that just makes for a sense of timelessness. I don't usually get much jet lag but the daylight savings seems to zonked me.

I also know that I'm not looking forward to tutoring tomorrow as well as a few other things I need to do. At least this student will not be mine for long, as the semester will be over March 27 - only 5 more classes. He may also test out next week, depending on the amount of studying he does. I know it can't be fun to try and memorize spelling words at his age, but that's English for you. Girl, burn, and fern all sound the same but are spelled different ways. Throw in the 'ar' sound to learn and it's all a bit much for a fairly unmotivated 25 yr old. His solution? A lot of giggling, and "I don't know!!!"s. For once, I am watching the clock for those two hours, and I don't like that. I get cranky.

original by jenah_smith

Anyhow, I just plan to sleep when I can and let my body and emotional state get back to equilibrium. A Twitter friend said the full moon this week was the 'worm moon' meaning the earth is softening. Yes, I forgot ..throw full moon into the mix. I just hope it's not my brain that's softening too!

Has the full moon affected you that you've noticed?

UPDATE - My student didn't balk at the review he needed for 2 hrs today, and my karmic reward was that there is no tutoring next week! "I'm" reviewing the test he gets on March 27 but I really don't want to 'teach to test' as so many full time teachers are forced to do. I really want him to learn and feel positive about this.


Carrie said...

I hope you get some rest & back to feeling "normal" again soon! I know this DST has me messed up too. Take care!

Happy Daisy AZ said...

You sound like a great and patient teacher! Oh, the snow sent shivers down my Arizona-living spine.

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