Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Blankets Washington Area

Region Braces for What Could Be Largest Winter Storm in Three Years

Well it looks as if I haven't missed winter after all! Yesterday morning there was a light dusting outside. Not much, and it wasn't sticking to the grass etc but it WAS snow.

We waited all day, I had planned to put something in the oven, but it was just an ordinary Sunday. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow I thought. But didn't it look pretty on my oyster shells (for an outside collection I have)?

But this morning! Ah I woke up to hear my diligent neighbor scrape scrape scraping her walk before 7am. I had seen the light about 4am and realized that meant snow but I happily went back to sleep.

It has snowed continuously for the past couple of hours, and it just might do so all day. That's a storm for us here in MD!

I am so so glad I rescheduled my 2nd cataract surgery. I have a broken blood vessel in that eye (happened overnight Saturday) which would have postponed it and now the snow is the 2nd reason it might have been canceled. While the main road is clear enough, our street almost never gets plowed so all in all I am happy to be home, I'm enjoying the snow, and I'm gonna bake some whole wheat bread. I think I even have an Edward Norton flick on a dvd around here. As a rare snow event, this is just wonderful.

Yes, March you sure have roared in. I'll remember this arrival for sure!

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Judy said...

Welcome Home! Wow, the Rosetta Stone....what a gift.
Glad to see you posting again. Call when you can. I'm anxious to see you.
BTW new grandbaby arrived 2/12 Ryan Patrick and all is well.

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