Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simmering on Saturday

I usually try to have a Souper Saturday but there was no soup made this week, nor any pictures of last week's Halibut Chowder. I'll have to do the latter again and both take pictures and write down what I did.

Some cooking has gone on, but not a lot. Fortunately, there was meat from the Amish Market for lunches and a couple of dinners out for dh. I was just in the mood for a good salad and something on Thursday, so I was the one who suggested Old Country Buffet. I used to joke about that place and roll my eyes but now I'm happy enough with lots of visual choices and no work. One thing I really like is their pickled beets. Thursday I had a bowl of them for 'dessert'. Weird but good. After so many English chips, we both are eating lighter again.

So what did I make recently? Well there was the mac/cheese and ham which later was a lunch or two for me.

macaroni n cheese

Then the chicken adobo which got its flavor from a mix. It wasn't bad, but I really want to try my friend Chatoy's recipe and hope I find it! It's an interesting technique. Marinate the chicken or pork in the marinade, then drain meat and fry it crispy, then add the marinade and simmer till reduced and meat is tender.

chicken adobo simmering

chicken adobo

Chatoy also gave me her flan recipe - again simple. She said "Start with a dozen eggs..." I can just about taste this now! which is hard since I stopped eating dessert when I came back from England. (weight and size issues...ugh)

Finally this am, I took the leftover rice and made some congee. Mine is usually ad hoc, and I had soaked the leftover rice with water and some other sliced spring onions and cilantro that didn't get used last night. Then this am, I simmered it with some Knorrs' prawn stock and when it was hot and pretty gluey, I poured it over some sliced cherry tomatoes and then added the Korean tofu pancake chunks on top. Not bad at all.

congee with tofu breakfast

So what's cookin' round your kitchen these days? I need some push to do some serious cooking again so help me out please.

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Happy Daisy AZ said...

Oh my gosh - everything looks scrumptious!

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