Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just A Minute!

Well yes, it is March already, which totally surprised me this am. That's what comes of being away most of February. The sweetie Jenaveve over at August Street started this meme, and I'll play along. I do like memes as it seems we all come up with different versions of the same basic idea.

TRAVELING - to England for over two weeks. It was a great trip, despite the lack of internet for week one (the net connection at the villa site was down) and living in just one hotel room with dh for week 2. We don't have a big house by any means but this was still a challenge for me to live in a 15x10 room. Bless dh who took his laptop into the bathroom for an hour or two when he got up at 5am each day.

READING - The Red Tent-Anita Diamant, As Above So Below - Rudy Rucker, The Black Madonna-Doris Lessing - are the ones that come to mind. I took As Above with me on the trip, finished it down near Canterbury and then saw some Flemish paintings at Buckingham Palace. Veddy nifty synchronicity.

EATING - more potatoes than I usually eat in a year. Oh those chips in England!

WISHING - I had taken more of my stuff to the charity shops before we left as it was a bit depressing to see the piles waiting to go when we got home.

GRATEFUL - that we had the opportunity to take this trip and that hairy old Sebastian was still in the land of the living when we returned. I think he just manufactured hair the entire time we were gone.

EXCITED - that my grandson got into his high school of choice and called us as soon as he got the letter.

WONDERING - if I will have any students to tutor at the Detention Center this semester.

HAPPY - that I did not have to go back to any job when we returned. Oh so happy.

So, I put the Just A Minute button up on my page to remind me to think about this subject during March and I'll take a gander tomorrow to see what the other meme players wrote.

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Jenaveve said...

Wonderful collection of memories in March! Great to see you playing along - I actually missed my own meme ... but have just sneakily caught up.

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