Monday, February 2, 2009

Too Many Goodbyes

The economic downturn is certainly a serious matter and my heart goes out to those who are suddenly wondering which end is up in their life. We all have the feeling 'it will never happen to me' till one of those nevers does happen to me, or you or someone we love. If this is you, know I'm taking it seriously despite this post.

Over the past months, my dh and I have talked about the trickle down effect on so many industries, jobs and people and suddenly I was aha! I thought I had missed a copy or two of my favorite magazines. Thought, only because I usually am behind in my reading and tend to focus on books books books. I started to get my subscription info out and then read the headlines... Ahhhh.

Goodbye Country Home

Goodbye Cottage Living

Goodbye Domino

I guess this gives me time to read The Economist which dh gets every week, but you's just not the same!

I suspect we'll see a lot more monetized blogs ahead because writers have to write. It's in their veins. But farewell, dear friends, you'll remain fond memories and scrappy bits waiting to be collaged. Is one of your favorite magazines going to the print graveyard? Tell me which one you are missing now.

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Tinniegirl said...

I haven't had any bad news on the magazine front yet. Most of my favourites are based in the US and I can't afford the shipping so I don't get them. My only subscription is Cloth Paper Scissors and I really hope it doesn't disappear.

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