Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Take 5 Tuesday

Ah, a new meme that I saw on Caryn's tweet re her Take 5 Tuesday questions. Here are today's 5 questions from Deep in the Heart of Texas's Take 5:

Roasted carrots and parsnips with a few heads of garlic

1. what is your favorite food/cooking website?
No longer watch any of them as I watched them go from cooking to dubious imho entertainment. Wish I could get Jamie Oliver here.
2. do you prefer to watch cooking shows or read cooking magazines?
Read cooking magazines is choice from options, but more likely to get recipes on line now
3. are you more adventersome in what you cook or in what you eat?
More adventuresome in what I eat as I don't have to forage for ingredients. With some foreign dishes, I really can't tell what it should taste like either.

4. what is one ingredient that you have always wanted to cook with, but never have?
hmmm...still thinking about this one. I'm fortunate not to live in an
ingredient wasteland.
5. what is the one thing that you can not cook without?
silicone spatulas I love them!

Oh and she has a Mr. Linky so the other players can be seen. I love that feature and will have to try it out myself one of these days, months ...

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caryn said...

thanks so much for participating, I think this is going to be really fun!!

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