Monday, February 23, 2009

Saatchi Gallery

I always find it amazing that in London I can keep visiting and visiting and always find so many places I've never explored. I suspect that the Saatchi Gallery wasn't in existence on my visits long long ago so that's one excuse. I know I have been by the location - the former Duke of York barracks - before but I don't think the gallery had moved here yet.

Saatchi is a free gallery and very open and approachable. I highly recommend the current Middle Eastern exhibit - Unveiled. Hope you enjoy this glimpse. btw, note the beautiful wood floors with wide planks and wooden pegs designed by a Danish firm . Very easy on the feet!

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Marysol said...

Oh! My London crush deepens.

Btw, where haven't you been?

Wonderful photos M! But I do wish you would've packed me in your suitcase and taken me along on this trip.

Have a safe return home!

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