Thursday, February 5, 2009

One More Goodbye

It's that time again, and despite bursts of absolute (but controlled) panic about the current - and potential weather - in dear old England, and how the two of us may or may not cope with driving, I am packing my bags.

With a deep sigh, I'm getting ready to take the many many travel segments that should get me from my own home to a new bed in Canterbury more than 24 hrs later. Train, plane, tube, train, car. That's how it should be so I'm saying my prayers and knowing things always do work out - eventually and the right way.

Oh and then we drive up to Edinburgh - bwahaha! and back south.Update: We decided to cancel the Edinburgh part and go to London for that week instead. The North of England and Scotland will be better when the sun sets at 10pm we concluded. I'm wondering just who planned this trip!?!?!?
(was it really my idea???)


Tinniegirl said...

A rolling stone...

Safe and happy travels.

Judy said...

Dying with envy and must see you on return.
Consider me as back up for dear Sebastian.
Bon Bon Voyage! I agree with Tinniegirl. No moss on your backside.

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