Sunday, February 22, 2009

Maureen needs...

I've missed this internet game mostly because I've been missing the internet these past two weeks. I saw the game on Ginny's blog and boy her list is a lot more varied than what came up by Googling "Maureen needs".

I also decided to see what image these words might find. This is what came up on Flickr for Maureen needs ...It appears the lass needs (more fiber.) Maybe there is a connection to the Google list.

1. Maureen needs a date.
2. Maureen needs to consider her uterus.
3. Maureen needs your support.
4. Maureen needs to act on sex abuse.
5. Maureen needs more.
6. Maureen needs to get laid.
7. Maureen needs your help.
8. Maureen needs a haircut.
9. Maureen needs this one.
10. Maureen needs to realize two things.

I suspect one could make a single long sentence out of that list. However, I think I will try another verb...perhaps see what Maureen likes.

Have you played this one?

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angelique said...

Maureen, I think you do need to use another verb or try another name. They are all kinda weird. I will give it ago and see what happens with me. Happy holidaying:)

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