Sunday, February 1, 2009

For Them's That's Down Under

Cold clear nights lead to cold cold days.

Thinking of you all and your hot hot weather, I'm sending you this. That's from my desk looking out over the kitchen roof down through the whole back yard. Sorry but I was not about to open the window and remove the (whole window) screen.

And then we have the same from the kitchen - it's shiny because that's a layer of ice on top of the snow.

Feel the cold!


Taccolina said...

OooHH. Nice! And I bet the snow squeaks and crunches underfoot like snow oughta. Mmm. This Canadian down under appreciates the view!

Tinniegirl said...

Yes please. Can you flavour it with something and send it to me as a snow cone!!! Thank goodness it's a little cooler in Melbourne today.

Jenaveve said...

That looks wonderful.... :)

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