Friday, January 2, 2009

Vacation Draws Down

Ah some cold weather has crept south but despite that we have had a great time here in Hilton Head. We toured cemeteries yesterday in Savannah, as we knew almost everything else would be closed on the holiday. It was a gorgeous sunny day but pretty brisk. I'm glad I took a leather coat for such a day. That's one of the good things about driving - you can prepare for a variety of clothing needs or possibilities. DH sometimes calls me Omar (Bradley) and he's George (Patton) as we load the car for a trip. ( your WWII history if those names don't ring a bell!)

Church Bluffton
Church in Bluffton SC

This mild, and now cooler, weather, makes this part of the country so very tempting. BUT...I HAVE been down here in the spring when it is already well on its way to being oh so hot and sultry. Sultry to me is an upscale word that means sweaty-hot-humid. That's the kind of weather that brings Serious Crankiness out in me. So to all those people who can't wait to spend a summer down her on the can have my footprint! Gladly. But I'll take 'winter' in the south any day, well for part of the winter i.e.

\St John the Baptist Cathedral Savannah
St. John the Baptist RC Cathedral Savannah

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