Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still At It

I do hope to finish up the December Daily album by the end of this month, but it will take some dedication. I truly enjoyed the process and understand how to get myself ready next year In Advance. That still doesn't get a page designed, photos cropped and saved and saved and saved. Then uploaded, then printed. I am getting comfortable with the process and that was a lot of the point for me. I needed a project to work through to learn.

These pages are the start of the final bit...the trip to SC which you have seen in earlier posts, but here's what it looks like for the book. It's good posting them in Flickr because then I document what I do. Otherwise, I tend to wonder...what font WAS that. Tell me you are at least half as bad...please?

08Dec-26--TO Beach
The ride that went from a breeze to my thinking Why would we ever choose to take I-95?

08 DEC-26-Barbeque
The dinner that made it all worth while, plus there was a bed waiting for us in Wilson NC.

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