Saturday, January 31, 2009

Souper Saturday

This was actually a dinner made on Thursday but as I will be at The Symphony this evening, I wrote this one ahead for you. You may consider having it for your dinner tonight if you get that crockpot or oven going early on. This recipe for Portugese Soupas was adapted from Rick Rodgers Ready and Waiting cookbook.

Cube all your beef and get that onion and garlic prepped.

I used a good hunk of frozen pork fat instead of oil. Hey, it's winter, cold and I like that rich flavor. (the brown little nugget is a piece of beef fat which was then discarded)

As you get closer to dinner, you may want to ask The Staff to make tea for you.

Lookin' good here as it's ready to serve.

Then we have the sides of green beans in brown butter and a mushroom bread pudding.

Plated and ready for eating. It went fast, and himself went back for seconds. Well, I did too but just not as much. heheh

My recipe is here and I think this one is mild enough for a dinner that included picky eaters (you know if you have them). The recipe also discusses how else this could be served if you really want to make this a one bowl meal.

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