Saturday, January 24, 2009

Souper Saturday

When I have the house to myself, I tend to get on a roll with projects that are better not stopped for a lot of cooking. Like working in the attic.

%#$@ vent

This happened this weekend and I found a soup that was just perfect for a quick and good meal.

I had some chicken bits in the freezer, leftover from Greek Grilled Chicken. (Yes, it was bitter cold Inauguration day but I wanted to grill!) I had found one of those treasures that you can find in your pantry if your pantry is like mine - full of those goodies you are saving for a rainy day. Some might call it hoarding, but who am I to judge. Ok, bring out the shoe, because it does fit, so I'll wear it.

tom ka kai

The jar was one I couldn't even recall buying much less seeing but no matter. When the directions said, Add one spoonful to 1 cup water, I was sold. I used a heaping tablespoon. The chicken thawed on my soapstone counter top in no time, and I had some sliced mushrooms AND cilantro that amazingly was as fresh as when bought. I boiled up the flavored h2o, then added the chicken, and then the mushrooms. Almost instantly it was done, so I turned the gas off, added a handful of grape tomatoes and a good batch of minced cilantro. Soup!

Could have used more oomph (red pepper/finely sliced Thai chile etc) to make it taste more Thai but hey... it was done in no time, and hit the spot. I'd love this with shrimp, but then I love shrimp most any darn way. I suspect dh would also eat it with fish if he were around. I had enough chicken thawed for a 2nd batch the next day, and made it the same way. Obviously you could add any # of finely chopped/sliced raw vegetables or even some precooked veggies (aka leftovers) if you get them to room temp first and just cook them enuf at the end to get hot. If they were already limp I'd pass on cooking them more.

I do recall having soups like this at room temperature in Thailand but then room temperature was usually pretty darn hot.

Oh, and you just read the recipe.

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Leela said...

Oooh, Tom Kha Gai ... now I know what's for dinner. Thanks for the idea.

Love your blog! :)

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