Monday, January 5, 2009

Playing with Iphoto

There are a lot of things I COULD have done today, including making more of an attempt to get the Christmas things down. day of fun at home, and I'll get to that tomorrow.

As I was uploading the Hilton Head trip photos onto my computer, I saw an article in MacWorld about slide shows, and off to the races I went. I had no idea there was the card/postcard feature that allows you to make title pages to insert in a slide show. I finally stopped short of burning a dvd - mostly because that involved going downstairs to GET a dvd. I usually find if I leave the computer, I get waylaid by something that needs doing downstairs. That something is usually a lot less interesting than what I'm doing on the computer - imho.

Here are some of the pics I used as the front of the postcard when making titles. Incidentally, all the pictures are from my Iphone as I was having battery issues with my camera, yet again.

btw, I will probably never try to lay the pictures out like this again!! Next time a template. Live and learn. DH wants me to do the DVD but the old girl only has so much energy and eyesight in a day!

1/6 Link to Macworld article above after I finally found it again.That link is also for MY reference as I tend to find Bookmarks become the Black Hole of Calcutta.

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Tinniegirl said...

They look great. I haven't explored I Photo nearly enough. It was only recently that I realised I can use it to crop.

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