Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well the bulk of the Christmas putaway is done. (Thank you Flylady for the inspiration.) The dishes had been out on the kitchen island since Christmas Day but since we left for SC on the 26th, it didn't happen! But now they are packed and just waiting for a couple of dishtowels to dry. I know I tend to find additional Christmas things lurking about.

Packed Christmas Dishes

Then Dick took the White House ornaments down as he is tall enough to reach them w/o a chair or ladder. He is very careful about how his boxes are stored! tho they are not in chronological order as he had previously. I'm just glad they get up AND down.

White House Ornaments

What I expected to take a Long Time only took 30 minutes, with no ornament broken. They are now on the dining room table waiting to go into ziplock bags that I started back in the 80s. This tree needed so much fewer decorations that I have a full storage box of ones that didn't make the cut this year.

Ornaments sorted, waiting to be wrapped

Then we have the Initials that a few family members forgot to take this year, and considering that one boyfriend is already history....these may become donations.

Who forgot his/her initial?

The donation pile is already started. (I loved that feather wreath the year I bought it, but now I wonder about my taste!)

Start of the giveaway

So adios Christmas, I'll see you in 11+months! My serenity is returning.

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CurlyPops said...

Gee you're super organised when it comes to christmas decorations! Mine just get thrown back into a plastic carry bag.

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