Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Creative Space

Creative Spaces can be found over at Kirsty's so jump on in if you like on Thursdays! Memes are so much fun.

Most of my creating today was done in the kitchen but you'll have to come back on Saturday to see that one. Do come, because it's a good recipe if the cook says so herself. I finally finished the Christmas album from Ali Edwards' December Daily project with the December 31 page. Lots of fun, and I learned a lot from the process, but I'm glad it's done for this year. Ok for that year!!

So what does it look like now that there's not a lot Being Worked On. Well...

I finally organized my printouts of a great many of my digital elements in that black tabbed notebook. I do wish more of them were obvious by the file name, but I am also sorting them on the computer bit by bit and of course as I use them, I get to know my 'little children' or so it seems.

The computer desk has free space now too as I'm putting more bits away or in the trash. btw, that silver phone 'wants' to have the its #2 transferred to the Iphone so it can go to a battered women's shelter. It's another project To Do.

The crafty table has space to organize all my swapped ATCs into THEIR album tomorrow. If this sounds familiar, it is! That's because there's a trip in the days ahead. I'm getting the routine down I think!I hope.

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Tinniegirl said...

My goodness, on the road again. Your ATC's look beautiful.

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