Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Creative Space

Creative Spaces can be found over at Kirsty's so jump on in if you like on Thursdays! Memes are so much fun.

I have been working like mad on trying to get most of my December Daily pages done before this weekend's retreat and I've made good progress on that front. I'm up through Dec 28th! and will work through with Jan 1st and then the Christmas cleanup page. But that's for next week. Phew! Next year, I will have learned enough to make a start before the holidays. Well, I will have learned enough but doing it is always another thing as well I know.

Here you see the pages of the elements/templates/papers I plan to use for some of my pages. I don't have all my digital elements printed out (there would be another ink cartridge or so gone!) but it does help me if I do have them (in a binder) to see what I might like to use. The long list on the right is the list of items that must/could be used for the ATC I was doing. You had to use your partner's choice but then could use others. In the end I enjoyed this one but procrastinated a bit too long, making it harder in my mind than it actually was.

These are the two, the one on the left was done but then I moved the quote a bit under the crow, which moves. (Cool, huh?) Gotta love those glue dots when you change your mind. I still had the 2nd one to cut out etc. They will be up on Flickr later this week, should you care.

And then I have postcards to swap and also some to send to my grandchicks. I have a new glue spray and is it every sticky! I'm afraid it's getting everywhere. I stick the glued postcards under the mat rather than try to smooth them down with my sprayed fingers. I need help here!

And that's been my creative week, other than downloading a boatload of free digital items. Tomorrow I'm off to a spiritual retreat, but lord is it gonna be cold out! High 23F, and low 9F. Lots of fleece and socks.


Kirsty said...

Lots of action in your space this week Maureen.

Is the glue getting on your fingers because the spray nozzle is blocked up a bit with adhesive? I've found you really do need to turn the can upside down & "empty" after each session.

CameoRoze said...

Doncha hate it when you spray your fingers then can't UNstitck the stuff that needs to be stuck?


Makin' Space,
Cameo @-->-->---

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