Sunday, January 4, 2009

Home again, Home again, Jiggity Jig

Tis good to be inside one's own home even if the weather up here is a considerably brisker than down in Savannah and Hilton Head! I hope my dear friend Judy is making the transition from sunny LA. She got to go to the Rosebowl! I forgot to tell her about 'that' food store in Los Angeles but perhaps she remembered from reading the blog. Hey Judy! I have a gift certificate for "Sur La Table" that needs spending!! Sadly, I don't think anyone else is close enough to me to watch/help me make some serious decisions on what I need (Ha!), what I'd like, and what I have room to store from that emporium. I do believe my gift certificate will last me a loooong time especially as I also have a return to make.

If you are reading this, and want to give me some advice on what you would get if you had a big hunk of change for cooking stuff, I'd love to hear from you.

This is the item going back, because at 9qt I know I won't be able to lift it into the oven - full. It's darn heavey empty. My apologies, Mario. I know dh loves me if he got me this, because he is the one usually saying....Now where do you think you'll put THAT?? when I do buy a new pot or pan. I think, heheheh, he loves his food more than he enjoys complaining, and that is a Good Thing.

One last bit of catch up....if there's not a new post and you show up here thinking there should be or might be, it's quite likely that there is a new tweet over on the right. I had good success with tweeting on the phone over the vacation. Ok, I admit...I love social media. I do. Feel free to join me on Twitter. It's fun. I have to credit BlogHer for letting me see the network value in that application. I may not be living all over the world anymore, but I certainly do like meeting people in hither and yon places.

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ginny said...

I dragged husband and bonus (step) children (who are adults) into Sur La Table. We were not in LA long enough to be polite about it. Love that store.
I read "guernsey" and loved it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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