Saturday, December 6, 2008

Warning! Spoiler Below

I'm reading Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas prompt for today, and thinking of childhood Christmases. DH and I talked a bit about our memories of his childhood and mine before he left for the Florida trip. He, of course as a person 4 or 5 years older, sometimes pulls age on me. He did have more of a WWII experience than I did, tho I heard about the war which had just ended as I made my start in life. It's not a common occurance to have a soldier (Daddy), a sailor (my Uncle Jack) and little cannons under the tree these days...or is it??? I won't go into how many children may now think of Daddy or Mommy in fatigues these days somewhere far away.

My one memory that is funny now but also shows how detail oriented I was at age 5 or so...nit picker according to dh...concerns the Christmas I finally acknowledged that I KNEW there was no Santa Clause. Very much like young Natalie Wood above, I gave my mother that look as she tried to verify Santa Clause's existence. "Hrmph. Well, you left one of the stickers from Wanamaker's on one of my presents. Look!!!" I said accusingly and oh so righteously! (We lived in the Washington DC area and Wanamakers was in Philadelphia. Shades of a trip to see family.) I got the hurried explanation that Santa Clause just brought some of the presents and she bought others. No, no, I wasn't buying it and reveled in my oh so clever knowledge. Ah the arrogance of a smart little girl. Now as a parent, I also see how hard this must have been for her to hear. Watching your child's childhood slip away in one of those first Aha momemts is so very poignant.

I guess in looking back on this it's neither a good memory or a bad one. Wry perhaps in seeing a glimpse of my character even then. Do you have any Christmas memory that makes you see...Oh I was so me even as a child! I'd love to hear some.

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sosser said...

what a sweet (bittersweet?) memory. i've often tried to remember the moment i realized there was no santa claus... but i never can. either it was so traumatic i have blocked it completely, or it was so simple i didn't even notice :)

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