Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Very Short Night

Boy do I now get how it's easy to stay up late when you are on a roll and things are flowing. Thank all that be that working with templates in Photoshop Elements finally CLICKED with me. Do you remember the woman who said she wasn't a scrapper? Oh I hafta eat mah words. Somehow I realized that working with words & images and doing it digitally has morphed into gasp...scrapbooking. Grateful? oh you better believe it. I was afraid I'd never figure it out or find someone who could show me how to do it on my Mac. Happy Dancin' round the house!!



This one of The Mammogram Day is going to be a hybrid - digital with the mammogram receipt and the good results papers added also.


It was just 4.5 hours of sleep till good old Sebastian woke up hungry. Who misses her hubby most at 6am??? See my hand waving in the air??? Well, just one more day of being on Feline Kitchen Duty. Phew!

Have you had any kind of great Aha! moments this week? I'd love to hear about something that just clicked for you.

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CameoRoze said...

A-HA moments? I had a HUGE one this week!

I've been on the 'outs' with my mother-in-law for about a year and a half. She lives just a few miles away, but I've steered clear all this time. The day after Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law came over and we had quite a heart-to-heart. He explained things about my MIL that my husband couldn't get through to me ... like, why my MIL always has to be in control and throws low blows if she doesn't get her way. If she does something for you, there are always strings attached.

My A-HA! moment? When I figured out that SHE HAS NO STRINGS ON ME. She can't make me to anything out of obligation, so she has no holds on me, no power over me.

The upside? I called DH's grandma (my MIL's mother who is 90 years old) and talked to her for the first time in 18 months. I'd been staying away from Grandma due to avoid my MIL. But since MIL has no strings on me, I finally felt free to talk to Grandma. It was great!

And Grandma was extremely supportive. Guess she knows how her daughter can rub people the wrong way all too well.

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